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    Niedawno miałem dostęp do biblioteki zeskanowanych książek przechowywanej w archiwum "Early English Books Online". W tym czasie szczegółowo przestudiowałem jego zawartość w odniesieniu do pewnych ezoterycznych praktyk. Ponieważ do tej pory nie opublikowano żadnej dobrze napisanej bibliografii okultystycznej treści EEBO, pomyślałem, że podzielę się tutaj swoimi odkryciami.


    Każda sekcja z nagłówkiem przedstawia wyszukiwane hasła, które zastosowałem, aby znaleźć wymienione książki. Zastawiłem je w grupach zgodnie z tymi wyszukiwanymi hasłami. Wszystkie te dokumenty są dostępne w bazie danych Proquest pod tytułem Early English Books Online (EEBO). Tytuły zostawiam orginalne, aby łatwiej było znalezć fragmenty po stronach.




Afonso V King of Portugal - Five treatises of the philosophers - pgs41
Agnello Giovan Battista - A reuelation of the secret spirit - pgs48
Agrippa von Nettesheim - Henry Cornelius Agrippa his fourth - pgs122
Agrippa von Nettesheim - Three books of occult philosophy - pgs314
Anon - Chymical medicinal and chyrurgical - pgs97
Anon - The Magick of Kirani King of Persia - pgs98
Anon - The most famous history of the - pgs13
Archer John - Secrets disclosed or The treatise - pgs41
Bacon Roger - Frier Bacon his discovery of the - pgs37
Bacon Roger - The mirror of alchimy composed - pgs45
Basilius Valentinus - Basil Valentine his Triumphant - pgs95
Basilius Valentinus - Basilius Valentinus friar of the - pgs174
Basilius Valentinus - Of natural supernatural things - pgs186
Basilius Valentinus - The last will and testament of - pgs271
Becher Johann Joachim - Magnalia naturae or The philosophersstone - pgs19
Bekker Balthasar - The world turnd upside down or - pgs344
Blagrave Joseph - Blagraves astrological practice - pgs85
Browne John - Adenochoiradelogia or An anatomickchirurgical - pgs134
Brummet Christoph - Sanguis naturae or A manifest declaration - pgs59
Bruno Giordano - Cabala del cavallo pegaseo - pgs48
Bruno Giordano - Giordano Bruno Nolano De glheroici - pgs14
Bruno Giordano - La cena de ceneri - pgs72
Bruno Giordano - Philothei Iordani Bruni Nolani - pgs118
Bruno Giordano - Spaccio de la bestia trionfante - pgs148
Buts Joan - An account of the tryal and examination - pgs2
Case John - Lapis philosophicus seu commentarius - pgs458
Cipriano Giovanni - A most strange and wonderfull - pgs7
Coelson Lancelot - Philosophia maturata - pgs77
Cooper William - The Philosophical epitaph of WC - pgs131
Couch Robert - Praxis catholica or The countrymans - pgs109
Coxe Francis - A short treatise declaringe the - pgs17
Culpeper Nicholas - Mr Culpeppers Treatise of aurum - pgs110
Daffy Anthony - Daffys original and famous Elixir - pgs9
Dee Arthur - Fasciculus chemicus - pgs161
Digby Kenelm Sir - A choice collection of rare chymical - pgs152
Digby Kenelm Sir - Chymical secrets and rare experiments - pgs150
Du Chesne Joseph - A breefe aunswere of Iosephus Quercetanus - pgs69
Du Chesne Joseph - The practise of chymicall and hermeticall - pgs106
Erasmus Desiderius - A very mery and pleasaunt historie - pgs3
Estienne Henry sieur - The art of making devises - pgs69
Euclid - Euclids elements of geometry - pgs370
Euclid - The elements of geometrie of the - pgs494
Felice Costanzo - The conspiracie of Catiline written - pgs215
Fioravanti Leonardo - A compendium of the rationall secretes - pgs143
Flamel Nicolas - Nicholas Flammel his exposition - pgs140
Floyer John Sir - Pharmakobasanos or The touchstone - pgs788
Fludd Robert - Doctor Fludds answer vnto M Foster - pgs116
Foster William - Hoplocrismaspongus or A sponge - pgs37
Fountaine Edward - Melancholys bane or Choice pleasant - pgs10
Galis Richard - A brief treatise containing the - pgs15
Galloway Patrick - De execrabili et nefanda fratrum - pgs34
Gaule John - A collection out of the best approved - pgs130
Glauber Johann Rudolf - A description of new philosophical - pgs241
Glauber Johann Rudolf - The works of the highly experienced - pgs795
Godeau Mr - Cantique tir des pseaumes paraphrasez - pgs8
H V D - The tomb of Semiramis hermetically - pgs17
Hartlib Samuel - Chymical medicinal and chyrurgical - pgs99
Headrich John - Arcana philosophia or Chymical - pgs78
Helmont Franciscus Mercurius - An hundred and fiftythree chymical - pgs37
Helvetius Johann Friedrich - The golden calf which the world - pgs65
Herring Francis - A modest defence of the caueat - pgs26
Herring Francis - Certaine rules directions or advertisements - pgs12
Heydon John - The holy guide leading the way - pgs415
Heydon John - The wisemans crown or The glory - pgs76
Heywood Thomas - The hierarchie of the blessed angells - pgs321
Hill Thomas - A briefe and pleasaunt treatise - pgs32
Hill Thomas - Natural and artificial conclusions - pgs58
Hortolanus junior - The golden age or The reign of - pgs120
Houpreght John Frederick - Aurifontina chymica or A collection - pgs151
Howell James - A Hermeticall banquet drest by - pgs99
Hyperius Andreas - Two common places taken out of - pgs63
Jabir ibn Hayyan - The works of Geber - pgs168
Johnson William - Lexicon chymicum - pgs137
Jones Bassett - Lapis chymicus philosophorum examini - pgs32
Kendall George - An appendix to The unlearned alchimist - pgs33
L C - Fundamenta chymica or A sure guide - pgs130
Mackaile Matthew - The diversitie of salts and spirits - pgs83
Maier Michael - Arcana arcanissima hoc est Hieroglyphica - pgs163
Maier Michael - Lusus serius or Serious passetime - pgs84
Maier Michael - Themis avrea - pgs85
Mathews Richard - The unlearned alchymist his antidote - pgs102
Mercurius Melancholicus - Mistris Parliament her gossipping - pgs5
Michaelis Sbastien - The admirable historie of the possession - pgs357
More Henry - Observations upon Anthroposophia - pgs52
More Henry - The second lash of Alazonomastix - pgs108
Naud Gabriel - The history of magick - pgs165
Nolle Heinrich - The chymists key to shut and to - pgs39
Nuisement Clovis Hesteau - Sal lumen spiritus mundi philosophici - pgs128
Paracelsus - A hundred and fouretene experiments - pgs49
Paracelsus - Medicina diastatica or Sympatheticall - pgs77
Paracelsus - Paracelsus his Archidoxes - pgs173
Paracelsus - Paracelsus his Aurora treasure - pgs122
Partlicius Simeon - A new method of physick or A short - pgs185
Penot Bernard Georges - Penotus palimeis or The alchymists - pgs53
Philadept - An essay concerning adepts or A - pgs27
Philalethes Eirenaeus - A breviary of alchemy or A commentary - pgs16
Philalethes Eirenaeus - An exposition upon Sir George Ripleys - pgs26
Philalethes Eirenaeus - Collectanea chymica - pgs120
Philalethes Eirenaeus - Opus tripartitum de philosophorum - pgs123
Philalethes Eirenaeus - Ripley revivd or An exposition - pgs298
Philalethes Eirenaeus - Secrets reveald or An open entrance - pgs82
Philalethes Eirenaeus - The marrow of alchemy - pgs112
Philalethes Eirenaeus - The secret of the immortal liquor - pgs11
Philalethes Eirenaeus - Three tracts of the great medicine - pgs103
Phillips Edward - The new world of words Or a - pgs218
Philoctetes Eyreneus - Philadelphia or Brotherly love - pgs52
Porta Giambattista della - Natural magick by John Baptista - pgs212
Powell Thomas - Elementa opticae - pgs67
Powell Thomas - Elementa opticae - pgs67(1)
Powell Thomas - Elementa opticae - pgs1
Prevost Jean - Two books of physick - pgs190
Raunce John - Astrologia accusata pariter condemnata - pgs22
Rid Samuel - The art of iugling or legerdemaine - pgs24
Ripley George - The compound of alchymy Or The - pgs58
Salmon William - Medicina practica or Practical - pgs456
Salmon William - Polygraphice or The arts of drawing - pgs437
Samber Robert - Some reflections on a late book - pgs17
Scot Patrick - The tillage of light Or A true - pgs31
Sedziwj Michal - A new light of alchymy - pgs179
Sennert Daniel - Chymistry made easie and useful - pgs91
Simotta George - A theater of the planetary houres - pgs18
Skinner John - A strange and wonderful relation - pgs13
Starkey George - George Starkeys pill vindicated - pgs5
Starkey George - Liquor alchahest or A discourse - pgs43
Starkey George - Natures explication and Helmonts - pgs201
Starkey George - The marrow of alchemy - pgs36
Tachenius Otto - Otto Tachenius his clavis to the - pgs76
Tachenius Otto - Otto Tachenius his Hippocrates - pgs74
Thor George - An easie introduction to the philosphers - pgs55
Thornborough John - Lithotheorikos sive Nihil aliquid - pgs84
Tryon Thomas - The way to health long life and - pgs253
Urbigerus Baro - Aphorismi Urbigerani or Certain - pgs48
Vaughan Henry - Thalia rediviva - pgs57
Vaughan Robert - Theatrum chemicum Britannicum - pgs258
Vaughan Thomas - A brief natural history intermixed - pgs70
Vaughan Thomas - Anthroposophia theomagica or A - pgs46
Vaughan Thomas - Euphrates or the waters of the - pgs70
Vaughan Thomas - Magia adamica or The antiquity - pgs89
Vaughan Thomas - The fame and confession of the - pgs74
Vaughan Thomas - The manmouse taken in a trap and - pgs60
Vaughan Thomas - The second wash or The Moore scourd - pgs105
Vertot abb de - The history of the revolution in - pgs94
Vicars John - Against william LiLie alias Lillie - pgs1
Warren Hardick - Magick astrology vindicated - pgs20
Webster John - Metallographia or An history of - pgs209
Weidenfeld Johann Seger - Four books of Johannes Segerus - pgs202
Weidenfeld Johann Seger - Johannis Segeri Weidenfeld De secretis - pgs190
White John - A rich cabinet with variety of - pgs76
Wilkins John - Mathematical magick or The wonders - pgs62
Willis Timothy - Propositiones tentationum sive - pgs25
Willis Timothy - The search of causes - pgs47





Anon - A Narrative of the demon of Spraiton - pgs6
Bayly William - The life of Enoch again revived - pgs14
Brayne John - Astrologie proved to be the old - pgs1
Clapham Henoch - A chronological discourse touching - pgs1
Clapham Henoch - Elohim or AElohimtriune - pgs16
De Laune Thomas - Tropologia a key to open scripture - pgs329
J A - The Daemon of Burton or A true - pgs3
Loyer Pierre le - A treatise of specters or straunge - pgs162
Mather Increase - An essay for the recording of illustrious - pgs202
Mede Joseph - The apostasy of the latter times - pgs515
Mede Joseph - The apostasy of the latter times - pgs85
Mede Joseph - The apostasy of the latter times - pgs100
Smith William - The lying spirit in the mouth of - pgs9
Speed John - The genealogies recorded in the - pgs21
Whitwood William - A catalogue of choice books - pgs18




Cattan Christoforo - The geomancie of Maister Christopher - pgs139
Childrey J - Indago astrologica or a brief and - pgs9
Coxe Francis - A short treatise declaringe the - pgs17
Erra Pater - A prognostication for ever - pgs25
Hill Thomas - A contemplation of mysteries - pgs81
Hippocrates - The boke of knowledge - pgs7
Indagine Johannes ab - Briefe introductions both natural - pgs120
Indagine Johannes ab - The book of palmestry and physiognomy - pgs111
Pordage John - Innocencie appearing through the - pgs63
R F - witchcraft cast out from the religious - pgs13
Taylor John - A dogs elegy or Rvperts tears - pgs5




Drayton Michael - A chorographicall description of - pgs195
Anon - The most delectable history of - pgs82
Anon - Here beginneth the booke of Raynarde - pgs148
Johnson Richard - The famous history of the seven - pgs81
Harvey Richard - An astrological discourse vpon - pgs51
Gill Alexander - Logonomia Anglica - pgs85
Caxton William - Here begynneth the hystorye of - pgs37
Digges Leonard - A generall prognostication for - pgs37
Johnson Richard - The most pleasant history of Tom - pgs38
Middleton Thomas - The ant and the nightingale or - pgs26
Anon - Robin GoodFellow his mad prankes - pgs22
Anon - Tom Thumbe his life and death - pgs13
Tryon Thomas - A discourse of waters - pgs16
Anon - Tom Tram of the west soninlaw to - pgs13
Denniston Walter - Mormonostolismos sive Lamiarum - pgs5
Jean dArras - Melusine - pgs4
P G - A most strange and true report - pgs7
Anon - A strange and wonderful example - pgs5
Jonson Ben - The madmerry prankes of Robbin - pgs1
Anon - The mad merry pranks of Robin GoodFellow - pgs2
Anon - The Description of the castle of - pgs3
Reyner Edward - The twelve wonders of England - pgs5






Adams Thomas - A divine herball together with - pgs82
Albertus Magnus Saint - The first booke of the vertues - pgs84
Albertus Magnus Saint - The secrets of Albertus Magnus - pgs74
Anon - A boke of the propertyes of herbes - pgs78
Anon - A godlie gardeine - pgs170
Anon - A storehouse of physicall and philosophicall - pgs32
Anon - An English herbal or A discovery - pgs37
Anon - Englands happiness improved or - pgs104
Anon - The gentlewomans delight in cookery - pgs13
Anon - The great herball newly corrected - pgs113
Anon - The greate herball - pgs149
Anon - The grete herball - pgs173
Anon - The Magick of Kirani King of Persia - pgs98
Anon - The new art of gardening - pgs5
Anonymus Eugenius - A strange and true relation of - pgs5
Archer John - A compendious herbal - pgs76
Archer John - Every man his own doctor Compleated - pgs1
Askham Anthony - A litell treatyse of astrouomy - pgs31
Askham Anthony - A litle herball of the properties - pgs78
Axford John - Philosophical and astrological - pgs23
Ball Richard astromathematicus - An astrolophysical compendium or - pgs85
Blagrave Joseph - Blagraves astrological practice - pgs85
Blagrave Joseph - The epitome of the art of husbandry - pgs204
Bonnefons Nicolas de - The French gardiner - pgs192
Brasbridge Thomas - The poore mans ieuuel that is to - pgs33
Brunschwig Hieronymus - The vertuose boke of distyllacyon - pgs142
Bunworth Richard - Omotropia naturae or The uniformity - pgs38
Chamberlayne John - A familyherbal or The treasure - pgs118
Church John - A compendious enchiridion touching - pgs14
Coles William - Adam in Eden or Natures paradise - pgs319
Copland William - A boke of the propreties of herbes - pgs81
Cowley Abraham - The second and third parts of the - pgs189
Crab Roger - The English hermite or Wonder of - pgs11
Culpeper Nicholas - The English physitian enlarged - pgs165
Culpeper Nicholas - The English physician or an astrologophysical - pgs160
Culpeper Nicholas - Pharmacopoeia Londinensis or the - pgs189
Culpeper Nicholas - Culpepers school of physick or - pgs194
Chamberlayne Thomas - The complete midwifes practice - pgs192
Culpeper Nicholas - Culpepers last legacy - pgs192
Culpeper Nicholas - Culpepers Directory for midwives - pgs145
Culpeper Nicholas - Culpepers Semeiotica uranica or - pgs135
Culpeper Nicholas - Catastrophe magnatum or The fall - pgs42
Culpeper Nicholas - Febrilia or A treatise of feavers - pgs123
Dodoens Rembert - A new herball or historie of plants - pgs551
Dodoens Rembert - A niewe herball or historie of - pgs416
Dodoens Rembert - Rams little Dodeon sic - pgs138
Dorcastor Nicholas - The doctrine of the Masse booke - pgs25
Durant John student in - Art and nature joyn hand in hand - pgs17
Gascoigne George - The pleasauntest workes of George - pgs344
Harvey Gideon - The family physician and the house - pgs109
Haudicquer de Blancourt - The art of glass - pgs172
Hill Thomas - The gardeners labyrinth - pgs142
Hughes William - The American physitian or A treatise - pgs97
Hughes William - The flower garden enlarged - pgs71
Lawson William - A new orchard and garden or The - pgs72
Levett John - The ordering of bees or The true - pgs46
Maplet John - A greene forest or A naturall historie - pgs122
Meager Leonard - The English gardener or A sure - pgs100
Meager Leonard - The new art of gardening - pgs90
Monardes Nicols - Ioyfull newes out of the newe - pgs114
P F - Sinnes discovery by the emblem - pgs1
Paracelsus - The first part of the key of philosophie - pgs65
Parkinson John - Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris - pgs321
Parkinson John - Theatrum botanicum The theater - pgs884
Pechey John - A plain introduction to the art - pgs251
Pechey John - The compleat herbal of physical - pgs197
Plat Hugh Sir - The Garden of Eden Or An accurate - pgs88
Plat Hugh Sir - The second part of the Garden of - pgs89
Schilander Cornelius - Cornelius Shilander his chirurgerie - pgs30
Simotta George - A theater of the planetary houres - pgs18
Smith John - Englands improvement revivd in - pgs142
Sowerby Leonard - The ladies dispensatory - pgs215
Tryon Thomas - A new art of brewing beer ale and - pgs74
Tryon Thomas - Friendly advice to the gentlemenplanters - pgs113
Tryon Thomas - Healths grand preservative or The - pgs13
Tryon Thomas - The way to health long life and - pgs253
Turner William - The first and seconde partes of - pgs346
Turner William - The names of herbes - pgs62
Tusser Thomas - Fiue hundreth pointes of good husbandrie - pgs86
W W - Occult physick or The three principles - pgs87
Westmacott William - Historia vegetabilium sacra or - pgs134
Wood Owen - Choice and profitable secrets both - pgs230
Wyer Robert printer - Hereafter foloweth the knowledge - pgs62




Anon - A breefe coniecturall discourse - pgs10
Anon - Cabala sive Scrinia sacra - pgs268
Bacon Francis - Scrinia Ceciliana mysteries of - pgs128
Bedell Gabriel - Scrinia sacra secrets of empire - pgs133
Birkenhead John Sir - Cabala or An impartial account - pgs20
Brinsley John - The Christians cabala or Sure tradition - pgs113
Bruno Giordano - Cabala del cavallo pegaseo - pgs48
Helmont Franciscus Mercurius - A cabbalistical dialogue in answer - pgs17
Kuhlmann Quirin - A Z Quirin Kuhlman a Christian - pgs19
Kuhlmann Quirin - Quirini Kuhlmanni Christiani Jesuelitae - pgs18
Lloyd David - Cabala or The mystery of conventicles - pgs49
Noble hand - Cabala mysteries of state - pgs198
Park William of Edinburgh - A tractat of the universal panacaea - pgs8
Stubbe Henry - A reply unto the letter written - pgs41
Turner Robert - Ars notoria the notory art of Solomon - pgs89
Villars abb de - The Count of Gabalis or The extravagant - pgs103




Euclid - The elements of geometrie of the - pgs494
Salmon William - Medicina practica or Practical - pgs456
Bate George - Pharmacopoeia Bateana or Bates - pgs399
Herbert Thomas Sir - Some years travels into divers - pgs229
Euclid - Euclids elements of geometry - pgs370
Salmon William - Medicina practica or Practical - pgs389
Browne Thomas Sir - Pseudodoxia epidemica or Enquiries - pgs238
Heydon John - Elhavarevna or The English physitians - pgs229
Rff Jakob - The expert midwife or An excellent - pgs170
Maier Michael - Arcana arcanissima hoc est Hieroglyphica - pgs163
Goeree Willem - An introduction to the general - pgs63
Filmer Robert Sir - Reflections concerning the original - pgs231
YWorth W - A new art of making wines brandy - pgs115
Browne Thomas Sir - Pseudodoxia epidemica or Enquiries - pgs45
J F - Cryptomenysis patefacta or The - pgs103
Carew Thomas - Coelum Britanicum - pgs21
Anon - Hocus Pocus Junior - pgs33
Anon - A very proper treatise wherein - pgs12
Anon - The worlds wonder - pgs5
Anon - Wreath device consisting of a snake - pgs1
Anon - An arm protruding from a cloud - pgs1




Nostradamus - The true prophecies or prognostications - pgs283
Nostradamus - The prognostication of maister - pgs51
Nostradamus - An excellent tretise shewing suche - pgs16
Nostradamus - An almanack for the yere M D lxiij - pgs29
Nostradamus - An almanacke for the yeare of oure - pgs9
Nostradamus - An alminacke and prodigious premonstration - pgs2






Albertus Magnus Saint - A Briefe and pleasaunt treatise - pgs32
Albertus Magnus Saint - Liber aggregationis seu liber secretorum - pgs41
Albertus Magnus Saint - Modi significandi Alberti sine - pgs20
Albertus Magnus Saint - Nona questio - pgs2
Albertus Magnus Saint - Questiones Alberti de modis significandi - pgs25
Albertus Magnus Saint - The boke of secretes of Albartus - pgs84
Albertus Magnus Saint - The first booke of the vertues - pgs84
Albertus Magnus Saint - The secrets of Albertus Magnus - pgs63
Anon - The Anatomy of Simon Magus or The - pgs110
Dee John - A letter containing a most briefe - pgs12
Dee John - A letter nine yeeres since written - pgs12
Dee John - A true faithful relation of what - pgs243
Dee John - General and rare memorials pertayning - pgs55
Dee John - Parallaticae commentationis praxeosque - pgs16
Dee John - Propaedeumata aphoristica Ioannis - pgs28
Dee John - To the Honorable assemblie of the - pgs1
Dee John - To the Kings most excellent Maiestie - pgs1
Drewrey H - The vindication of the seperate - pgs5
Drummond William - A midnights trance - pgs52
Gadbury John - Genethlialogia or The doctrine - pgs305
Heydon John - Theomagia or The temple of wisdome - pgs448
Hippocrates - The boke of knowledge - pgs7
Indagine Johannes ab - Briefe introductions both natural - pgs120
Indagine Johannes ab - The book of palmestry and physiognomy - pgs111
Maier Michael - Themis avrea - pgs85
Massaria Alessandro - De morbis foemineis the womans - pgs114
R F - witchcraft cast out from the religious - pgs13
Sennert Daniel - The sixth book of Practical physick - pgs63
Sennert Daniel - Thirteen books of natural philosophy - pgs216
Tachenius Otto - Otto Tachenius his clavis to the - pgs76
W W - Occult physick or The three principles - pgs87




A R - True and wonderfull - pgs10
Anon - A strange and true relation of - pgs4
Anon - Englands new wonders or Four strange - pgs9
Anon - The AntiLevellers antidote against - pgs22
Anon - The Flying serpent or Strange news - pgs5
Anon - The popes pyramides - pgs1
Bayly William - Iacob is become a flame and the - pgs11
Bromley Thomas - The way to the Sabbath of rest - pgs36
Catholic Church - Bestie vniuersa persra serpentes - pgs68
Heydon John - The wisemans crown or The glory - pgs76
Josselyn John - NewEnglands rarities discovered - pgs62
La Primaudaye Pierre - The third volume of the French - pgs228
Maplet John - A greene forest or A naturall historie - pgs122
Pliny the Elder - The secrets and wonders of the - pgs32
Topsell Edward - The historie of serpents Or The - pgs169
Topsell Edward - The history of fourfooted beasts - pgs552




Anon - Apogrypha sic - pgs1
Anon - The voice of the shepherd through - pgs25
Anon - The volume of bookes called Apocrypha - pgs1
Bhme Jakob - The tree of Christian faith - pgs29
Eleanor Lady - A warning to the dragon and all - pgs57
Forbes Patrick - An exquisite commentarie vpon the - pgs156
Hyde Edward - A wonder and yet no wonder - pgs33
Leusden Johannes - Sefer Tehilim - pgs250
R F - Antichrists man of war apprehended - pgs48
R T - De templis a treatise of temples - pgs125
Taverner Richard - The volume of the bokes called - pgs339
University of Cambridge - Qualitates occultae coelitus ducunt - pgs1
Wilson Thomas - Theologicall rules to guide vs - pgs183
Winstanley Gerrard - Fire in the bush - pgs48




Ady Thomas - A candle in the dark or A treatise - pgs86
Ady Thomas - A perfect discovery of witches - pgs86
Anon - A briefe description of the notorious - pgs12
Anon - A certaine relation of the hogfaced - pgs9
Anon - A declaration in answer to several - pgs7
Anon - A detection of damnable driftes - pgs11
Anon - A full and true account of the - pgs3
Anon - A Magazine of scandall or A heape - pgs8
Anon - A Magical vision or A perfect discovery - pgs17
Anon - A strange report of sixe most notorious - pgs6
Anon - A true discourse Declaring the - pgs12
Anon - An Account of the tryal and examination - pgs2
Anon - Doctor Lambs darling or strange - pgs5
Anon - The apprehension and confession - pgs8
Anon - The divels delusions or A faithfull - pgs6
Anon - The examination confession triall - pgs5
Anon - The examination of John Walsh - pgs9
Anon - The famous renowned history of - pgs24
Anon - The Full and true relation of the - pgs5
Anon - The life and conversation of Temperance - pgs5
Anon - The life and death of Lewis Gaufredy - pgs19
Anon - The power of witchcraft - pgs8
Anon - The witches of Northamptonshire - pgs15
Anon - The wonderful discouerie of the - pgs24
Baxter Richard - The certainty of the worlds of - pgs137
Bell John - The tryal of witchcraft or Witchcraft - pgs12
Bell John - Witchcraft proven arreignd and - pgs9
Bovet Richard - Pandaemonium or The devils cloyster - pgs125
Brinley John - A discourse proving by Scripture - pgs67
Calef Robert - More wonders of the invisible world - pgs86
Camfield Benjamin - A theological discourse of angels - pgs115
Carmichael James - Newes from Scotland declaring the - pgs15
Casaubon Meric - A treatise proving spirits witches - pgs168
Cooper Thomas - Sathan transformed into an angell - pgs203
Cooper Thomas - The mystery of witchcraft - pgs201
Cotta John - The infallible true and assured - pgs91
Cotta John - The triall of witchcraft - pgs89
Cullen Francis Grant - Sadducimus debellatus or a true - pgs36
Davenport John - The witches of Huntingdon - pgs10
Drage William - Daimonomageia - pgs23
Drage William - Physical experiments - pgs250
Filmer Robert Sir - An advertisement to the jurymen - pgs17
Flower Margaret - Witchcrafts strange and wonderfull - pgs12
Gaule John - Select cases of conscience touching - pgs109
Gifford George - A dialogue concerning witches - pgs48
Gifford George - A discourse of the subtill practises - pgs36
Glanvill Joseph - A blow at modern sadducism - pgs112
Glanvill Joseph - A philosophical endeavor in the - pgs58
Glanvill Joseph - Saducismus triumphatus or Full - pgs301
H F - A true and exact relation of the - pgs23
Hallywell Henry - Melampronoea or A discourse of - pgs68
Heer Henri de - The most true and wonderfull narration - pgs8
Hieronymus Magomastix - The strange witch at Greenwich - pgs16
Holland Henry - A treatise against witchcraft - pgs45
Hopkins Matthew - The discovery of witches - pgs7
James I King of England - Daemonologie in forme of a dialogue - pgs46
Lakeland Mother - The lawes against witches and - pgs5
Lawson Deodat - A brief and true narrative of some - pgs6
Lever Ralph - The arte of reason rightly termed - pgs132
Lloyd Temperance - A True and impartial relation of - pgs23
M C - A true account of the tryals examinations - pgs9
M Y - The Hartfordshire wonder Or Strange - pgs9
Mall Thomas - Truth held forth and maintained - pgs138
Mather Cotton - Late memorable providences relating - pgs83
Mather Cotton - Memorable providences relating - pgs56
Mather Cotton - The wonders of the invisible world - pgs56
Mather Increase - A further account of the tryals - pgs34
Mather Increase - An essay for the recording of illustrious - pgs201
Mather Increase - Cases of conscience concerning - pgs43
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Muggleton Lodowick - A true interpretation of the witch - pgs47
Pen neer the Covent of - A pleasant treatise of witches - pgs68
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Petto Samuel - A faithful narrative of the wonderful - pgs19
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Pordage John - Theologia mystica or The mystic - pgs143
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R B - The kingdom of darkness or the - pgs101
R C - Lithobolia or The stonethrowing - pgs11
R F - witchcraft cast out from the religious - pgs13
R T - The opinion of witchcraft vindicated - pgs33
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Scot Reginald - The discovery of witchcraft - pgs199
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T P - A relation of the diabolical practices - pgs13
Taylor John - A dogs elegy or Rvperts tears - pgs5
Taylor John - Tom Nash his ghost or The currying - pgs23
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W W - A true and iust recorde of the - pgs53
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Webster John - The displaying of supposed witchcraft - pgs184
Weemes John - A treatise of the foure degenerate - pgs208



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